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EPiServer 7 CMS lets you manage your website with less effort and focus on what matters. And this simplified content management - which puts the user in focus - also delivers a great experience for visitors, no matter what channel they are reaching you on. By treating mobile and tablets as first class citizens, EPiServer 7 CMS is truly "content without boundaries".


​Manage content seamlessly across screens and channels

Be creative and focus on your message. With EPiServer .NET CMS, you can focus on what's important: the message. Stop worrying about how content will render on different screens and whether or not it will follow brand guidelines. Across mobile, tablet and desktop screens… It will always look great.

Edit with automatic design and layout. EPiServer 7 CMS allows content managers to edit directly on the page and view updates in real time. Adding images is simple: drag and drop your image from the assets pane and it will automatically adjust to the layout. Use the view setting button to switch between different channels and see how your content adapts the layout to an iPhone or iPad.


Transform your website into a social hub

EPiServer Relate allows you to turn a static site into a thriving community where you can engage in two-way conversations with your customers, leads, fans and employees - It is an add-on module to EPiServer CMS which, in combination, gives you a complete social platform for your website.The social web is about fully engaging users and treating them as more than just consumers of content or adherents to your agenda


A social website is any site that invites people to participate by publicly sharing their thoughts, feedback, opinions, links and any content they’ve created. It also encourages them to share their experiences with friends or colleagues, whether on the site or beyond, and makes it easy to do so.



EPiServer’s multi-channel commerce solution

EPiServer Commerce incorporates the full scope of EPiServer’s best-in-class WCM platform to power your end-to-end online business. It is more than just a tool for catalog management and payments. Our Commerce platform incorporates the full scope of EPiServer’s best-in-class WCM to power your e-shop from end-to-end and fuel your business growth.

The easy way to optimize your website

Check how well your landing pages are performing and what you should do to improve your conversion rates.

Regain control over your social marketing initiatives. It’s about finding the capacity to cover all the platforms where your online audience hangs out – without blowing your budget, losing quality and focus, or running yourself and your team ragged.



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