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Zailab Contact Center 

The Cloud-Based Contact Center for Sales, Customer Experience and Marketing Teams.
Rewarding Conversations. For Humans. Powered by AI.

Zailab is a next-generation cloud-based contact center platform - it reates a solution for businesses of all sizes, particularly SMB teams looking for a cost-effective way to personalize routing, improve customer interactions and increase efficiency.

The platform is quick and easy to set up and optimize as needed. With the use of AI, Zailab is able to route and prioritize interactions from any channel, any time. The consumption-based model empowers you to pay only for the features you use, as you use them – no monthly licensing fees and no upfront costs.


It’s time to start having more rewarding conversations.

Highlighted Features

Zailab for Sales
Outbound selling has changed. With shrinking ROIs and growing prospect apathy, it has never been harder for sales teams to close their deals. Cold-calling is not enough in an omnichannel world; you need to activate the right touchpoints at the right time – a situation compounded by the complexity of doing so at scale..
To ramp up your conversions, it is critical to reduce cognitive load and optimize workflow. Zailab’s suite of omnichannel functionality empowers your team to select the most appropriate channel, while a preview dialer with feeds prospects to your representatives intelligently thanks to smart outbound routing.
Zailab for Support
Customer loyalty is now among the most fiercely contested commodities, tied to lifetime value and organic growth. It is up to your customer-facing team to maintain it. In this era of deep personalization, the task is easier said than done. Understanding the customer journey – along with how it changes over time – is key to long-term survival.
Customer experience is difficult to scale without losing rapport. Use Zailab’s context-rich omnichannel capabilities to ensure your team is able to personalize every interaction with no context-switching. Cut down on frustration – for customers and agents alike – with automatic case-linking and an intelligent ACD that reprioritizes interactions on the fly.
Zailab for BPOs
Starting a BPO has the potential to be extremely lucrative – but it is an incredibly complex and demanding endeavor, rife with pitfalls. There is zero room for error. With Zailab’s turnkey services, you can put your faith in a team with a proven track record in every aspect of setting up a contact center in the modern world.
Zailab’s cloud-based platform can be set up with extreme rapidity on minimal infrastructure – even remotely. All you need is a sufficiently fast Internet connection. That means you can get started quickly, and with very little capital. Our experts can set you up, advise you on best practices, and even put you in touch with potential clients.
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