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Symphony Retail 

From category management to supply chain, Symphony delivers revenue growth.
Trusted by over 1200 FMCG retailers and CPG manufacturers.

Maximize profitable revenue growth with AI

Symphony Retail is a global leader in AI-enabled decision platforms, solutions, and insights for driving profitable revenue growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers.

It rapidly innovates to drive faster, more profitable decisions through AI, machine learning and voice technologies – from customer intelligence to merchandising, personalized marketing to supply chain. To help high volume retailers and CPG manufacturers move beyond the hype of AI and toward the actual realization of benefits.

Highlighted Features

Retail Marketing Managers 
Symphony RetailAI’s marketing manager’s software suite enables you to consistently personalize your offers so that your customer feels like it’s a one-to-one relationship. It does by applying a 360° view of the customer so you actually can understand them better. The analytics and intelligence, enabled by CINDE – industry’s first AI-powered personal decision coach, make it easy for you to increase trips and basket size for your best customers through targeted marketing programs that have the personal touch and help you stand out in today’s market place.
Store Managers 
Symphony RetailAI’s store management software suite enables store associates and managers to easily collaborate with HQ. Whether it’s equipping them with mobile technologies to ensure inventory availability and efficiently complete daily tasks, or making sure the right ingredients are in-store for onsite food preparation, our suite allows you to focus on the customer.
Retail Category Managers
Today, exceeding shopper expectations is key. It’s why Symphony RetailAI’s category manager’s software suite streamlines all tasks for category insights, evaluation, planning and retail execution – for easy collaboration with suppliers and colleagues. Powered by CINDE, an AI-decision coach, category managers leverage AI and machine learning to quickly answer complex questions served up through deep analytics, data mining and immersive visualization into stores at department, planogram, and product level.
Supply Chain Managers 
Symphony RetailAI’s supply chain manager’s software suite helps retailers build customer trust by ensuring inventory availability. With real-time visibility, you can transform the supply chain into an interactive map of your retail operations. One that helps you manage and optimize every aspect from creating accurate forecasts, collaborating and ordering from vendors, tracking the flow of inventory and responding to customer demand – all while maximizing the entire supply chain performance at a lower total cost-to-serve.
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