Personalization - Overview

Episerver DXP [ Digital Experience Platform ] 

Episerver personalization features using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Add personalization powered by artificial intelligence to your Episerver Content Cloud or Commerce Cloud solution. These features include content and (email) product recommendations, search and navigation capabilities.
Extend your Episerver solution with smarter personalization.

Episerver offers several advanced capabilities that use AI to personalize experiences. By adding these capabilities to your solution, you can automatically personalize content and product recommendations, search results and emails.

Personalization - Highlighted Features

Episerver Search & Navigation
Episerver Search & Navigation is an enterprise search solution that helps customers find what they want faster. It uses autocomplete, related queries and behavioral ranking. (Formerly Episerver Find)
Episerver Product Recommendations
Increase revenue and average order values with Episerver Product Recommendations. Our advanced personalization uses AI to analyze real-time behavior to increase upsells and cross-sells. (Formerly Episerver Perform).
Episerver Email Product Recommendations 
Send personalized emails and messages triggered by real-time events. Our solution uses artificial intelligence to personalize recommendations and content, and to enrich your CRM data. (Formerly Episerver Reach)
Episerver Content Recommendations
Add Content Recommendations to your platform to personalize content for each visitor. It automatically predicts the interests and intent of every individual to deliver hyper-relevant, engaging content. (Formerly Episerver Advance)

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