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Commerce Cloud - All Features

Episerver DXP [ Digital Experience Platform ] 

Episerver Campaign Manager
Episerver Campaign Management allows merchandisers to easily create, preview and publish digital commerce campaigns. Offer targeted promotions and a wide variety of discount types based on real-time data.
Episerver Community API
User-generated content drives engagement and conversions, and it is the most effective way to increase credibility and loyalty with your customers. Episerver Community API is a high-performance micro-service that lets you deliver ratings, reviews, comments and communities.
A/B Testing
Episerver’s built-in A/B testing feature quickly guides you through the testing process, so that the most effective messaging is presented to website visitors.
Commerce Cloud for Dynamics 365 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Episerver Commerce Cloud help enterprises quickly launch a unified commerce solution with faster time-to-market and low maintenance costs.
Project Collaboration
Are your projects slow to get moving and difficult to green light? Do you email files back and forth, and then struggle to get the right version approved and published? Episerver’s team and project collaboration gives marketing teams the tools they need to become faster and more effective.
Catalog, Inventory and Content Management
Today it is essential that you can present a consistent brand experience across any channel. Episerver’s features for catalog management enable you to reuse content and images across catalogs, stores, and sites, so that you can better meet consumer expectations.
Media Management
Episerver loves media. We give you the tools to manage your media alongside all your other content with ease, confidence and accuracy.
Content Management
Episerver's world-class platform enables content management at scale, with features that make it easy to organize, track and publish your content.
Episerver Marketing Automation 
Quickly create omnichannel campaigns with Episerver's marketing automation solution. It sends more than 50 million emails every hour for our customers.
Global Commerce
Our connected world presents exciting opportunities for companies to do business in new markets Episerver’s digital commerce platform makes this easier than ever. It includes functionality to enable global collaboration while supporting local experiences, payments and fulfillment.
Authoring & Layout
Episerver boosts your team’s operational efficiency through an advanced authoring interface. Designed to be easy to use, the interface enables you to quickly manage the content layout and maintain brand consistency. The layout is automatically responsive for any device
Checkout and Customer Care
Fully customizable checkout process with up- and cross-sell capabilites throughout. Comprehensive customer care console with customer and order overview, RMA capabilites, and customer impersonation.
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